Belga teams with director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan in ‘The Yellow M’

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Belga teams with director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan in 'The Yellow M'

Unique: Top Belgian distribution and production company Belga Films Group is teaming up with French director Cédric Nicolas-Troyan to produce an English-language live action adaptation of the iconic, European comic book. yellow m,

Nicolas-Troyan’s previous credits include the 2016 fantasy action-adventure story The Huntsman: Winter’s War Also Netflix’s action was a hit cat and recently launched French-language series Furies,

yellow m is the sixth volume of the popular 1950s comic book series by Belgian artist Edgar P. Jacobs blake and mortimerAbout the adventures of MI5 Captain Francis Blake and his scientist friend Philip Mortimer.

The cult series is considered a masterpiece of Ligneclair (the drawing style pioneered by Tintin creator Hergé) and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 15 languages. The Franco-Belgian publishing house Dargaud – Le Lombard owns the rights to the comic strip.

Nicolas-Troian, represented by CAA, will produce alongside Patrick Vandenbosch and Jean-Jacques Neira for Belga Studios, a subsidiary of Belga Films Group.

Production is expected to begin in the autumn with Emmy and BAFTA-nominated UK casting director Kate Rhodes James (napoleon, dragon house) is attached to the project.

Dutch director and writer Jan Kounen (stork flight, Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky) and Jay Ferguson co-wrote the screenplay adaptation with modifications by Nicolas-Troyan.

“We are thrilled to embark on this cinematic journey with a visionary director like Cédric,” said Vandenbosch, CEO of Belga Films Group.

“Fans can rest assured yellow m It will be a cinematic spectacle, presenting a smart, entertaining and visually inventive new chapter that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

Established in London in 1953, yellow m Follows Blake and Mortimer as they find themselves deeply and dangerously entangled with a mysterious criminal figure named “M” and his mind-hacking technology.

Producer Neera said, “The strength of the comics lies in its themes, which still resonate today.” “Mind control through screens puts our democracy at greater risk than ever. As we grapple with the importance of moral responsibility, ‘M’ provides a timely reminder to embrace critical thinking and positive influence in our screen-dominated age.

Nicolas-Troyan promises to breathe new life yellow m and its gallery of characters, led by Blake and Mortimer.

“I have grown up with these characters, they are a big deal. They have been around for a while and are beloved by many. So, obviously, I am committed to respecting the comics and bringing this rich and colorful universe to life while giving it a contemporary touch with plenty of heart and action,” he said.

“I am also very excited by the creative freedom afforded on a European independent production like this. So, when Belga Films approached me to direct and produce such an iconic property it was impossible for me to pass up the opportunity.

Founded in 1937, Belga Films is Belgium’s oldest and largest independent film distributor, with previous releases including Twilight, 12 Years a Slave, Lucy, Taken, The Hunger Games, John Wick, La La Land, Paddington And knives out,

The company has expanded its activities to the development of feature films in French and English through its subsidiary Belga Studios. It is also a reference shareholder of the famous Belgian animation studio nWave.

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