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Ashton Kutcher reportedly expecting a subpoena Sean “Diddy” Combs Amidst the subsequent lawsuits and federal sex trafficking investigation. However, the 46-year-old actor and his wife, Mila KunisA new report claims that he has no plans to show his support for the 54-year-old rapper.

“There’s no way at this point that Ashton or Mila will show any kind of public support for Diddy,” a source said. daily Mail On Monday, April 1. “Despite her long history with Ashton, she has distanced herself from Diddy since Cassie’s lawsuit, and even more so in the wake of the new lawsuits.”

Despite Kutcher “expecting a subpoena.” [from Diddy]Because they’ve been good friends for 20 years,” the insider said, “Mila won’t let Ashton have any kind of contact with her.”

Combs is currently facing multiple lawsuits with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. Additionally, two of his homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by Homeland Security on March 25 in connection with a sex trafficking investigation.

As for Kutcher and Kunis, 40, that 70s show Alumni had previously faced backlash after it was discovered that he had written a letter in support of his disgraced former co-star danny masterson, Masterson, 48, was sentenced in September 2023 to 30 years to life in prison for two counts of rape.

After their supporting letters were revealed, Kunis and Kutcher responded to an online criticism Instagram Video.

“We are aware of the pain that the character letters written on Danny Masterson’s behalf have caused,” Ashton said in the clip at the time. Mila then said, “We support the victims. We have done this historically through our work and will continue to do so in the future. … “Our hearts go out to anyone who has ever been a victim of sexual assault, sexual exploitation or rape.”

Mila also stated that the letters were “not written to question the validity of the judicial system, or the validity of the jury’s verdict.”

He concluded, “Their purpose was to readjust the judge and not to undermine the victims’ testimony or re-traumatize them in any way.” “We would never want to do that. And we’re sorry this happened.”

If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, call National Sexual Harassment Hotline At 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). A trained staff member will provide confidential, judgment-free support as well as local resources to aid in treatment, recovery and more.

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