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Ashley Park She has returned to work after health concerns. 32 year old Emily in Paris The actress confirmed that she has returned to the sets in a new style Instagram The post, which comes less than a month after his former hospitalization was announced. “First day back to work. Take it slow, steady and styled in Mindy’s shoes again… #emilyinparis,” the Netflix star captioned her post.

A few weeks ago, fans were heartbroken to see a photo of Ashley in a hospital bed, which she shared in a separate Instagram post explaining why she was “absent.”

“As I sit here processing and recovering from the first few weeks of 2024, the only word I can think of is grateful,” Only murders in the building the star wrote in a long caption. “During the New Year holidays in December, what started as tonsillitis turned into severe septic shock, which infected and affected many of my organs. I am grateful that my health has improved despite what we were initially told.”

Septic Shock, Per cleveland clinic, is “the final and most serious stage of sepsis” and is caused by an “overreaction to infection” by the immune system. Additionally, there is swelling throughout the body, which can also lead to low blood pressure.

In his 19th January social media PostAshley said she has Emily in Paris co-star and apparent lover, paul foremanWith him during the terrible ordeal.

She added, “I am most grateful to @peforman for being there for me unconditionally through it all.” “You soothed my fears and carried me through the ambulance, three foreign hospitals, a week in the ICU, the scary ER, countless scans and tests and injections, unbearable pain and so much confusion while we were alone on the other side of the world. Far away from those we know. I love you Paul. More than I could ever say.”

However she was initially “hesitant to share what was going on” while still “in the process of healing”. mean Girls The actress said she is “safe on the other side of the worst.”

Ashley concluded in her caption, “And I’m so grateful to every doctor and ICU nurse who worked tirelessly and especially the @JoaliBeing team for responding immediately and being with me to provide language translation and critical support. of.” “Infinite thanks to my personal team of heroes at home who were on call at all times with insurance, Paul, my parents, and the doctors (you know who you are).”

Ashley’s friend and partner Emily in Paris classmate Lily Collins Wrote an emotional comment below the post. Lily wrote, “Love you sister.” “And I’m forever grateful to be on the other side of this and to @peforman for your incredibly huge heart and being there every step of the way. I can’t wait to hug you both.

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