Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are reuniting for Super Bowl ad and possible ‘Twins’ sequel (exclusive)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are reuniting for Super Bowl ad and possible 'Twins' sequel (exclusive)

Arnold Schwarzenegger And danny devito They’re proving once again that they’re a dynamic duo, this time teaming up for a State Farm commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. They’re not exactly denying either. Twins Sequel!

Speaking to ET’s Cassie DeLaura over Zoom ahead of the airing of their State Farm ad, Schwarzenegger and DeVito shared what brought them together to star in a commercial. Of course, DeVito is currently the face and star of those hilarious ones.sub up” Jersey Mike’s commercials. But Schwarzenegger was warned to participate in a commercial, one of which DeVito completed only with his participation.

Schwarzenegger said, “Danny is definitely one of the reasons I was looking forward to doing this commercial.” “Also, for me, what’s important is always that it’s organic.”

The former California governor said he is offered “a lot of endorsements” but authenticity plays an important role in his decision making.

“It has to be completely credible. For me, it was good because I come from public service and I come from a background of always trying to do something for my neighborhood and my city, for my state, for my country. I have come.” said Schwarzenegger, who in April 2023 famously filled potholes in a Los Angeles neighborhood after neighbors complained about it for weeks.

He added, “It’s always about protecting the neighborhood, being a good neighbor and having a positive impact on the neighborhood,” and State Farm is known for that.

DeVito couldn’t agree more.

“I admire the state form and it’s great,” he said. “And I dug through their commercials and I discovered the fact that they might get Arnold and me together again. It’s cool, plus the writing was cool. I thought the script was really fun. The fact that He was letting them dominate him. The accent was really charming and I thought it was a really cool thing.”

devito was acting on broadway i need him When the call came for advertisement.

DeVito said, “I traveled across the country to do it because I was doing my play in New York and I jumped at the chance to do it because I’m always there for Arnold.” “And he’s always there for me and those State Farm [commercials] “Fits well into that category.”

DeVito, 79, and Schwarzenegger, 76, met long before filming the 1988 comedy. TwinsThe film is about unlikely twin brothers who were separated at birth but reunited in Los Angeles. As DeVito tells it, he was in New York when Schwarzenegger saw him and helped him carry his bags. They became friends immediately. He would later take the world by storm with a comedy directed by Ivan Reitman. Since its success, there is continuous discussion about its sequel.

Plans seemed to be in motion over the past few years, but tragically Reitman died in February 2022. DeVito tells ET that if there’s going to be a Twins In the sequel, it will have to include him and Schwarzenegger, but not having Reitman there for the second time will always be heartbreaking.

“When we lost Ivan, may his soul rest in peace, we were going to work with him again in the sequel Twins,” DeVito said. “I think where my head is at – and I think Arnold’s head is at the same place – we want to work together. We want to do another film together, whether it’s a sequel or some new element, that’s a different story. It just has to be good, fun, entertaining for us that fits with our characters, and that people want to watch. And that’s our goal.”

whether it is a Twins Be it a sequel or something else, it cannot be denied that the chemistry between the two is fantastic.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s a chemistry and you can’t make it up with acting or anything like that,” says Schwarzenegger. “That’s the most important thing – you have to like each other, respect each other and you just click. When we did Twins When we did the first few scenes we realized how much fun we were together and how Danny plays with me and how I play with Danny. Truly, this is a match made in heaven.”

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