Ariana Madix threatened to call 911 during intense fight with ‘disgusting psycho narcissist’ Tom Sandoval

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Ariana Madix threatened to call 911 during intense fight with 'disgusting psycho narcissist' Tom Sandoval

ariana madix threatening the police tom sandoval, Drama in Tuesday’s episode vanderpump rules The conversation started with Tom’s assistant, Ann MaddoxAnd soon a lot happened.

At the beginning of the episode, Ariana talks with Ann about potentially leaving Tom and coming to work for her. While Ariana ultimately told Ann that she would have to wait until she moved out of the shared house before making changes, Tom was still angry when he overheard the conversation.

Later that day, Ariana finds Ann crying after Tom tells her about the conversation. Ariana brought up the situation during a meeting with her friends and made no bones about her anger at Tom over Ann’s situation and how He put her dog Maya in danger week ago.

“I asked her for advice about assistants and she was like, ‘I’d really like to work for you, too,’” Ariana said. “The killer was listening to the dog’s attempted murder and then when I turned to go to Katie, she was crying.”

Tom hears the digging and a fight begins; She accused him of almost killing Maya and claimed that she had not cleaned the litter box in years.

“You wanna get back at me about the litter box when you almost killed my fucking dog? Don’t go in my room,” she yelled. “It’s the only safe place I have in that house because you ruined it.”

Tom responded by encouraging Ariana to “put on your big girl panties and answer emails” about the situation of their shared home. Ariana fired back at how Tom had previously left the back door of their house open, yelling, “When it comes to the house that was my f**king dream house, your carelessness And another example of your indifference.” Fuck king kid.”

Things escalated when Ariana repeatedly yelled at Tom to “get the fuck away from him” and “don’t ever look me in the eyes again.”

“Don’t look into my eyes,” he yelled. “You’ve already got everything, Ariana! You’ve got all the missions, now you’re going to be my assistant?”

Ariana told her friends at the time, “I’m being harassed. I’m going to call 911.” He didn’t end the call, instead venting his anger, “Ruin my life, my house, and then bring my fucking dog into my room, lock him in there for the fuck and try to kill him. *King hours.”

Sandoval left the meeting with this, but immediately started talking on the phone. Tom Schwartz To discuss the situation.

Sandoval claimed, “Do you see the anger that comes out of him? I dealt with my entire relationship that way.” “That scary fucking king is angry the whole time.”

When? Lala Kent Suggested that Ariana should have a meaningful conversation with Sandoval, she responded, “I am not able to have a productive conversation with a sociopath, a disgusting psychopath, a gaslighter, a sexist.”

In confession, Lala, brock davis And Shayna Shay He expressed his belief that Ariana should reduce her anger towards Tom for her own well-being. Ariana seems to disagree, as she has decided to go through every item in her and Tom’s house to decide what should go to her and what should be sold when she and Tom eventually leave the house.

“I’m pretty sure when Tom sent me the letter of intent to ‘kick me out of the house’ he thought I’d say, ‘Awesome, thanks for the cash!’ And leave all that furniture I paid to pick out for him to use,” she said. “I don’t think so.”

Nevertheless, the group decided to include Sandoval in the beach day, much to Ariana’s dismay. The exiles disagreed over who owned the animals and which of them owed money to others. When Sandoval finally left the beach, Ariana became angry at her friends for not staying with her.

He said, “You guys have to step up like men and be like, ‘Bro, shut the fuck up.’ “Because he’s so misogynistic, he needs men he respects to be able to put him in his place and say, ‘Man, you’ve got to shut the fuck up and fuck off because you’re the one here. It is wrong.”

When Lala suggested to Ariana that she try to let go of her anger, she explained why that wouldn’t happen in the near future.

“He’s never going to be apologetic, remorseful or any of that bullshit,” Ariana said. “You guys keep pushing her down my fucking throat. What do you think I’m going to do? Sit here and have the best beach day ever? When I have to fuck, sit like this and watch her pound on me What do you expect to hear?”

When ET spoke to Sandoval ahead of the season premiere, he urged Fans need to remember that she is “not a character” but “a human being,” she said, adding, “I’m a real person. Just try to keep that in mind.”

vanderpump rules Airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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