Andrew Garfield joins hands with Kate Tomas: Everything to know about the ‘professional witch’

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Andrew Garfield joins hands with Kate Tomas: Everything to know about the 'professional witch'

it feels different Spider Man Maybe he has found his heroine! Andrew Garfield Dating rumors are swirling after he was spotted holding hands with “magical practitioner” Dr. Kate Tomas.

The rumored couple was spotted going on a date in Malibu last week. Garfield, 40, and Thomas were spotted going on a dinner date at French restaurant Zinqué with singer Phoebe Bridgers and comedian Bo Burnham. The two were all smiles as they were seen holding each other’s hands outside the eatery to chat with their friends.

Garfield was wearing a thick brown sweater, dark pants, and a matching hat, while Tomas was wearing a colorful floral dress. At one point, the Golden Globe winner wrapped her arms around Tomas as they laughed with Burnham and Bridgers before the couple parted ways.

double date comes next Tick, tick…boom! A week ago the actor and Tomas were spotted picking up groceries in Los Angeles.


It’s no surprise that Garfield hasn’t talked about his new romance; under the banner of heaven The star usually tries to keep his personal life a secret. He has been vocal about some notable relationships in the past, including his long-term romance with the amazing Spider Man co-star Emma Stone, former couple Met in 2010 and dated till 2015,

in 2021 interview with stirThe actor said he has “designed” his life to stay away from the public eye as much as possible.

“I’m largely not in the public eye because I’ve designed it that way for myself,” she said of keeping her love life private.

As far as Tomas is concerned, the Oxford University graduate has also kept mum about her budding romance with the star, but she too has not shied away from the limelight.

according to him business websiteTomas is a “world expert in mysticism and Catholic women’s mysticism”, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Classics, a master’s degree in philosophy of religion, and a doctorate in philosophy of theology.

She claims to have a successful career “advising multinational brands” and has become “a trusted advisor to governments” [and] CEOs of banks.” According to her website, some of her reading clients include Lena Dunham and Megan Mullally.

Tomas created what is now known as the Foundations of Energy Mastery in 2018 – a mentorship program for women and non-binary people to learn their spiritual practices.

“The traditions I initiated have the potential to manifest enormous power. The largest corporations, governments, and most powerful people in the world know this and harness this power daily.” his site reads, “When this power is used for good, it can change the world. I see a time when energetic work is once again valued by ordinary people as much as those with money and power For the people. I think the time has come for a resurgence of energy and the connection has already begun.”

Tomas, who also published a book, Chakra CrystalIn 2019, there is a large number of followers TIC Tocfrom where she posts videos on everything decolonizing your thought process to vary definition of magic And rescuing disabled cats,

And while Garfield has remained quiet about his romance with Tomas, the actor has been open about Their thoughts about having a family in the future,

In an interview with the British gq Published in 2022, Garfield discusses the idea of ​​becoming a father at a certain age as he gets ready to celebrate his 40th birthday with his high school friends, most of whom are already fathers.

He shared, “It’s interesting — I always thought I’d be the first to have kids and settle down, and for the most part, they’re all in a rut and a few kids deep.” “And I’m like…I’m here with you, eating burgers, just thinking about existence. Trying to fill my days with bullshit as much as I can. So it’s interesting… Freeing myself from the social responsibility to have children by the time I turned 40 has been an interesting thing for me.”

The star then got even more candid about why he feels parenthood hasn’t been possible for him yet. “It’s about accepting a different path than what was expected of me from birth. Like, by this time you’ll have done this, and you’ll have at least one kid – that kind of thing. I guess That I have some guilt around that. And obviously it’s easier for me as a man,” he said.

The actor said the feeling of guilt stems from the death of his mother Lynn, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2019, adding, “Of course, if I were going to have kids I would love for my mother to meet her kids. ” ,

Garfield said that if and when he has children, his mother will meet them “in spirit.”

“I know he’s out there, for all the big guys,” he said. “But yes, life, life, life. Life is in charge. We’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I’m curious.”

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