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Michael CeraThe 35-year-old is back in the news after his hilarious 2024 Super Bowl ad went viral. worst The star appeared in a skincare advertisement Cerave And made fun of the fact that the brand’s name includes his last name. Although Michael is not the founder of the popular moisturizer, he pitched his idea for an advertisement in the same issue. “I think it would be really cool if people thought I made it,” he joked during the clip.

At the end of commercial, CeraVe clarified that the comedian is not part of their development team. “Developed with dermatologists. No Michael Cera,” he wrote at the end of the video. The ad also came weeks later photos The photo of the 35-year-old man carrying a jar of the lotion went viral on social media, sparking speculation that he was linked to the brand. Below, everything you need to know about Michael’s love life amid the latest Super Bowl ad!

Michael Cera’s wife Nadine

barbie The actor married his wife NadineFrom around 2018, as reported People, Although Michael is a devoted spouse, he and his heroine keep their romance mainly out of the limelight. Nadine has accompanied her husband to some lavish Hollywood events, however, they have rarely been seen together on the red carpet. According to the same magazine, the brunette beauty is a producer who previously studied theatre.

Michael has spoken openly about his personal relationships on a few occasions, including in a 2022 podcast appearance Justin Longchain of, Life is short, During the episode, arrested Development The alum revealed how he and Nadine first met. “We went down the street to this little bar in Paris one night and she was there with all her flatmates and we were smiling very sheepishly at each other,” Michael said at the time. “There was no shyness, we just looked at each other and smiled. It was very comfortable. It was a really unfamiliar way to experience a stranger and I felt like I had seen the whole thing.

Does Michael Cera have kids?

A few years later he met fellow comedian amy schumer came to know entertainment tonight Michael and Nadine welcomed their first child together. “Michael is having a baby, too,” Amy said a few months after the baby’s 2021 birth. “Is that public knowledge? “I just took her out, I just took her baby out.”

Later, the proud father confirmed the news during an interview Excessive, “He’s just a little 6-month-old,” Michael quipped. During Michael’s interview with Justin, he also revealed that he spent time away from his son while he was working barbie Film in London. “I think about her all day and look at pictures of her when I’m away from her,” Michael said. father of one attended greta gerwig’s hit film and played the role of Alan.

Michael Cera’s former relationship with Aubrey Plaza

Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza
Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. (Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc.)

Michael dated the famous actress for almost a decade before marrying Nadine Aubrey Plaza, Both of them met during his tenure in 2010 Scott Pilgrim Vs The WorldHowever, Aubrey did not confirm the romance until 2016. during an appearance What is a tee with Michelle Visage?Now the 39-year-old remembered how long she dated Michael. Aubrey revealed that she was in a relationship with her former co-star for “a year and a half”.

Recently, in June 2023, Michael revealed that he almost married Aubrey in Las Vegas. “Yeah. Well, we were driving through Vegas, and we almost accidentally took a detour and got married,” he said. Rolling stone, “I think the idea was to get a divorce immediately, so we could call each other ‘my ex-husband’ and ‘my ex-wife’…20.” parks and Recreation alum is married Jeff Baena From 2021 onwards.

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