Alexa Nicholls reveals she shared her Nickelodeon experience for ‘Zero Payment’

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alexa nicholaswho participated ‘Quiet on the Set: The Dark Side of Children’s TV’ Says she shared her story for “zero payment.”

The ‘Zoey 101’ star talks about her experience working on nickelodeon And how she endured a toxic work environment that the network did nothing about.

According to Nicholas, dan schneiderThe ‘Zoey 101’ showrunner chose “hand-picked” miniskirts to wear on the show, which were “so short” that she was given biker shorts to wear underneath.

Alexa Nicholas shares her Nickelodeon experience

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“I was told [I had to wear the shorts] So that no one can see my b-tt,” Nicholas said. hollywood reporter Of the skirt incident. “It’s insulting to a child to be told, ‘We just want to make sure your b-tt doesn’t show!’ You look back at him and say, ‘Why don’t you give me clothes that don’t show my face?’ Like, this is so weird!”

Adding, “and [Schneider] Need this skirt; He chooses them and has all the creative control. It’s quite scary to look back at that experience.”

Nickelodeon is reportedly making ‘millions’ from kid stars

After the ‘Quit on Set’ documentary aired, Nichols, who has been vocal about his experience on Nickelodeon over the years, took to social media to call out the network for “making millions of dollars off kids.”

“Nickelodeon was also the trauma of my childhood. BTW,” she began in that x to rant. “I was exploited as a child while living in a toxic work environment and that company made millions of dollars off of us kids. I want to see people supporting me and see other people wearing Sikellodian t-shirts. You look at that document and attack me?

Alexa Nicholas shares her story for ‘Zero Payment’

Alexa Nicholls criticizes Dan Schneider for 'playing the empathy card' in apology
Instagram | alexa nicholas

In another post he said, “We are left with nothing, meanwhile they still earn lakhs from us.” Whereas we cannot afford the therapy. You should be ashamed.”

But it didn’t stop there, because in a third ex post the ‘Zoey 101’ star revealed that she shared her story for “zero payment.”

“Go ask HBO and ID how much they paid for our trauma. Bring that energy out there,” she said, “We shared our stories for a better world with zero payouts. Power to the survivors. Proud of us.”

Britney Spears allegedly ‘harassed’ Alexa Nicholls

Fans think Gypsy Rose Blanchard is taking a page from Britney Spears' playbook

jamie lynn spears And Alexa Nichols got into a fight on the set of ‘Zoey 101’, and Britney SpearsBeing Jamie Lynn’s older sister, she reportedly took her side, yelling at Nicholas at one point. According to Nicholas, Britney allegedly began “stalking” him on behalf of Jamie Lynn, and threatened to ruin his career.

“My mother didn’t even know where I was at that moment and it was a danger to the baby,” Nicholas said. heart About the incident. “Imagine if it weren’t for Britney and Jamie. imagine if that happened [convicted child s-x abuser] brian peck On the other end. This is why, when you are a talent coordinator, you have to let parents know where you are taking the kids.

The ‘Toxic’ singer has since apologized to the ‘Zoey 101’ star.

Alexa Nicholas forgives Britney Spears for ‘Zoey 101’ incident

Fans think Gypsy Rose Blanchard is taking a page from Britney Spears' playbook

,[Britney], I’m sitting here crying with my jaw on the floor. Thank you for seeing me and listening to me. Thanks for apologizing. As you know I have forgiven you,” he wrote on social media Post Addressing Britney’s apology. “You have always been my biggest inspiration and strength since I was 6 years old. You have healed many childhood wounds for me as an adult. Your voice is powerful. Ahead. I hope you always know that.”

“This is honestly one of the kindest things that anyone has ever done for me. We as a society forget how much support and love impact us. My child self and current self are in awe of the incredible person you are,” she continued. “I always knew about you. I am quite positive so many of us always knew. Thank you for embracing who you are and all that you are.

Nicholas concluded, “To describe you right now would be wordless. thanks for this. I can’t wait to show my daughter Nova what an inspiration you are now and forever. love you. you deserve the best. That’s all for now. Thank you. Oh, and @nickelodeon can kiss my a–.

The Blast has reached out to representatives for Dan Schneider and Alexa Nichols.

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