Al B. Sure! Suggestion Didi played a role in his 2022 coma

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r&b singer Al B. Sure! indicated a possible relationship between Sean “Diddy” Combs And his shocking coma incident in 2022. He also shared that he was in the process of rebuilding his relationship with his estranged son Quincy Brown at the time.

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On March 29, during a speech at the Equal Justice Now Awards in Los Angeles, the “Night and Day” singer revealed that he was preparing to release a project about his life and his shocking coma. gone More than two months in 2022. The 55-year-old never opened up about the bizarre health scare, but it appears fans are about to find out In fact It happened soon.

“We are going to build Al B. Sure! Story of life,” the Grammy-nominated singer said in a clip Received By TMZ. “So hold on to your bricks, and you’ll really understand how I ended up in a coma. You will really need to call Homeland Security.

The Homeland Security clearance appears to be a direct hit at Diddy, whose homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by the federal agency on March 25. A spokesperson for Homeland Security Claimed The raid was linked to a new lawsuit brought by multiple plaintiffs in the Southern District of New York, accusing the Bad Boy Records CEO of sex trafficking and assault. However, the nature of the search and its objectives remain unclear.

The singer’s bizarre comment came a day after he took to Instagram to reconcile with his “biological” son Quincy Brown, who Diddy raised as a child. As news of the former Ciroc ambassador’s run-in with Homeland Security hit the Internet, Al B., real name Albert Joseph Brown III, pleaded with his son to “come home.”

“The door is wide open. You are safe here son!” He added. “I love you. Popz, your biological.

Quincy and his father have not had a good relationship. In 2009, the former wrote an open letter criticizing Al B for his absence during their parenting and even reflected on the importance of establishing a close relationship with the songwriter. However, now, it seems The father-son duo may be in the process of rejuvenating their relationship.

during a conversation with tmz After that Equal Justice Now Awards Speech, Al. B revealed that he had been in touch with his 32-year-old son.

“I actually spoke to him on the phone. He’s actually filming. I am very proud of him. He is doing an amazing job.”

Additionally, the songstress said she will always provide a “safe place” for her son and all of Diddy’s children amid the rapper’s sex trafficking investigation.

“None of this is good. I just want to make sure that we keep the youth in our prayers. Keep them uplifted. These are very difficult times.”

When asked if Quincy eventually returned home, Al B replied;

“Quincy is amazing. Albert is amazing… I’m a happy grandfather and I’m really in a wonderful place. It’s unfortunate that there was an uproar on social media over telling my son I love you. I send him a message like this every day. Just follow her new platform and you’ll understand why.

Hmm…that’s interesting.

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