After Versace and Prada embrace K-pop in 2023, which luxury brand will follow next?

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After Versace and Prada embrace K-pop in 2023, which luxury brand will follow next?

In recent years, K-pop has become one of the most successful global industries. A post from The Daily Cardinal explains that K-pop’s appeal quickly spread to neighboring Asian countries, before reaching Western audiences thanks to the Internet and savvy marketing. In just over five years, reports show that K-pop-related sales have reached hundreds of millions in the US alone.

Apart from music, K-pop is now influencing other fields like TV, film and fashion. Recently, luxury fashion houses in particular have begun to hop on the K-pop train. The haute couture market, once considered exclusive and virtually untouchable, now boasts many K-pop idol ambassadors. Just last year, major fashion houses Prada and Versace welcomed their own Idol endorsers, which has left many wondering which other high-end brands will follow suit in 2024.

Luxury ambassador position in K-pop industry

The concept of a celebrity brand ambassador is not new, as athletes, Hollywood stars and high fashion models have long been known to become the face of luxury houses. However, An article from Nylon Magazine Mention that most Korean celebrities have historically represented beauty and liquor brands. However, with the mainstream popularity of K-pop stars, luxury houses found the opportunity to promote their products to a wider demographic.

As a result, iconic brands like Prada, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, Miu Miu and Chanel partnered with some of the biggest K-pop stars like Blackpink, BTS, IVE and others to form mutually beneficial relationships. Being a brand ambassador means that K-pop idols do not have to rely solely on music for their source of income, while luxury houses get more consumers as fans eagerly follow their idols by purchasing the products they promote. Show support for. Additionally, the association with K-pop idols has improved the brand’s appeal among the younger generation, who are gradually becoming a market force.

Why was 2023 a big year for luxury and K-pop?

2023 was a particularly busy year for brands like Prada, as they recently added all seven members of the group ENHYPEN and Sana Minatozaki from TWICE to their list of representatives. Prada is recognized for its sophisticated and luxuriously tailored designs, which is reflected in the products worn by its ambassadors. For example, the members of ENHYPEN were often seen wearing prada sunglasses, which are designed to give an attractive look to any wearer. The brand has a variety of styles available, but each pair is designed with Prada’s signature oversized frames and their brand’s stamping on the arms. It offers a classic yet timely fashion statement that K-pop idols are known to love.

Following the success of other luxury houses, Versace also announced Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Hwang as its first Korean global ambassador in 2023. This was an important move by Versace, as they were one of the few luxury brands that had yet to enter the world of K-pop partnerships. Since this announcement, Hyunjin has fronted the brand’s recent holiday advertising campaign, where he was shown wearing versace dress Like the Athena tote bag and Odyssey sneakers. Known for its luxurious designs, Versace has found a niche among K-pop stars and fans who embrace statement pieces.

K-pop idols remain on the horizon of the luxury market

The relationship between luxury fashion houses and the K-pop industry continues to be successful for all parties involved, which is why brands continue to work with idols. Currently, new groups are debuting in the industry, and some brands are maximizing their growing popularity by making them ambassadors. In this case, WWD reports that NewJeans is a group that arrived in the industry in 2022, but individual members have already been tapped by brands including Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, and Dior.

In line with this, fans of rising groups like NMIXX, RIIZE, ZB1 and others are hoping that their idols will be recognized for their distinct style and personality so that they can be a good match for ambassadorships with luxury brands in 2024. A time when veteran boy groups like BTS are currently on hiatus due to mandatory South Korean military service, which opens up an opportunity for new idols in the industry to shine. With this, fans can expect interesting developments within the year as the K-pop industry continues to flourish.

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