A-Rod helps shed light on baseball’s important ’26th man’

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As baseball season heats up, lysol Wants to recognize equipment managers – the people behind the scenes who keep players equipped and ready for every game. To launch this campaign, Lysol has teamed up with baseball legend alex rodriguez To celebrate the unsung heroes of mlb,

The brand recently released a fun video called “lost betWhere Rodriguez finds himself back in the locker room, but this time, not as a player but as an equipment manager.

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Alex Rodriguez partners with Lysol to celebrate some unsung heroes

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Rodriguez knows firsthand how important it is for players to keep those stinky uniforms fresh and clean. He was excited to team up with Lysol to spread the word about the job of an equipment manager and how important it is to use the right product to clean uniforms.

“I think the way they approached me, the idea was great and I got very excited about it. They came to me with the idea that Lysol wanted to celebrate equipment managers in all sports. These are some of the most unsung people in organizations,” he told The Blast exclusively.

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“They do a lot of heavy lifting and you don’t get a lot of glory for it. In the process, what I learned was that Lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in laundry, which is fascinating to me because you know, we get pretty stinky in pinstripes. So it’s been an amazing partnership and I’m excited to celebrate these equipment managers who often don’t get the love they deserve.

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A-Rod changes locations in ‘The Lost Bet’

Rodriguez said it’s a wonderful thing to be highlighted as the “26th man in the clubhouse” and he’s here for it.

“Usually they are not mentioned unless someone is happy with the work they are doing. So the fact that we are talking about, I call him the 26th man in the clubhouse, means he is an integral part of the team,” he said.

“His office is actually closer to the locker room than the manager’s, so he’s really almost part of the team. So having someone who is energetic and does a good job really helps in both wins and losses.”

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A-Rod recently had to adjust to his daughter leaving home for college

One thing that no one really prepares you for as a parent is how hard it is when your kids go off to college. Rodriguez knows this firsthand now that his daughter has gone to college. Six months later, they both feel better from the experience.

“It is never easy. I know, being a dad and being very close to my girls, it’s really hard. But in six months, I am feeling much better because my daughter is feeling more focused,” he said. “She knows her friends, where her local gym is, where her local Starbucks is, where all her classes are, so I think she’s doing a lot better so we feel better.”

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The MLB legend shared a video of himself Instagram The page that tugs at the hearts of any parent who has ever seen their child go to college. She captioned the reel simply, “The hardest thing I’ve had to do…” and many people shared in the comments that they totally understand that sentiment.

“Saying goodbye to parenting is the hardest part ever,” one fan wrote. Another said, “True story!!! It’s very emotional, but what an amazing experience to see them spread their wings, fly and become adults. I’ve been through this twice!”

‘The Deal’ Podcast talks about everything from sports to music and much more!

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Rodriguez can now add podcast host to his resume. “The Deal” with co-host Jason Kelly debuted in late February.

“When sports, business and culture collide, there is often a compromise. “Join Alex Rodriguez and Bloomberg correspondent Jason Kelly as they get the inside scoop from corporate titans, sports champions and game-changing entrepreneurs about investing, strategy, reinvestment and those that got away,” a description of Apple’s podcast says. Website Reads.

“We thought the area of ​​sports, media and culture was very interesting,” he said. Storytelling, some great lessons you can take and apply to your job and your world.”

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Predictions for this MLB season

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As baseball season begins, Rodriguez shares the teams he plans to watch closely this year.

“I think there are a lot of good teams. I think this is the golden age. We have a lot of young players. I think last year was a phenomenal year for baseball. The industry grew by 12%,” he said.

“I think you have to look at the two teams in Texas, both the Rangers and the Astros, the Braves and the Dodgers, I think those are my top four teams to watch. It will be interesting how the Yankees and Red Sox bounce back after disappointing performances last year. So those are my six types of stories that I’m considering.”

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