50 Cent calls out Stevie J again, Stevie calls him “Uncle Tom”

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once again, 50 Cent is taunting Stevie J, Allegations have resurfaced, this time about the former Bad Boy Records producer’s sexual preferences. In-spite of this Stevie Says He’s Ready To “Beat Sh*t” get rich or Die Tryin’ The 50s artist, calling him “sister’s boyfriend” and making more derogatory comments online.

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In the latest chapter of the messy back-and-forth, 50 posted a photo of himself in a commercial for his Branson Cognac.

“D“ID’s boyfriend called me a sellout,” she captioned the photo, referencing Stevie J’s most recent interview. “He’s right I’m selling Branson cognac LOL.”

50 also posted a photo carousel containing reports from various media sites alleging that Stevie was gay. This rumor was first spread by the award-winning producer’s ex Fiance, Joseline Hernandez, during their devastating breakup in 2016.

Title of one of the articles read: “Stevie J: Joseline calling me gay doesn’t bother me.”

In the caption, 50 , real name curtis jackson iii , Fans encouraged to swipe left to see the title of another article Reading:

“Joseline Hernandez accuses Stevie J of gay porn addiction.”

The comments come about three days after the hip-hop mogul joked about Stevie’s name appearing in producer Lil Rod’s eyebrow-raising lawsuit against Diddy. As previously reported, producer Lil Rod (Real name Rodney Jones Jr., began A lawsuit filed in February, in which Diddy was accused of procuring sex workers and pressuring them to participate in sexual acts with him. At the trial, they implicated Stevie and even presented blurry images, called “screenshots”, of the ex. love and hip-hop star Annalee is dating a Caucasian man whom Diddy allegedly “provided” to Lil Rod.

Although adult film star D’Angelo Marquis has come forward claiming it was him in those screenshots, 50 Cent still decided to spitefully taunt Stevie on Instagram on Thursday (March 28).

“Wow say it ain’t so @hitmansteviej_1 WTF, this shit is a mess,” the “In Da Club” rapper captioned a screenshot of a news outlet reporting about Stevie’s gay sex allegations.

Stevie criticized 50 in the comments section, writing, “Get the money Curtis we know this is entertainment but there’s no truth in it!” Responding to a fan, he said, “N***as should be ready to meet their maker.”

He then released a video teasing the rapper about mentioning Daphne Joy in the pending lawsuit. Lil Rod’s explosive complaint accused ex-girlfriend Joey, 50, of being a paid “sex worker.”

“Curtis what’s good, man? Are you in your feelings about Daphne now that she’s with the gang? Or are you sucking up to Lil Rod? Stevie hit back in a video posted to social media on March 28.

The former reality TV star also threatened to fight 50.

“No matter what, I wanna shoot the fed n***a. Bullshit all that. Since this is entertainment, let me take your bullshit away from being on TV or something. Do not do this. I’m calling you out. What do you want to do, Curtis? “Curtiss!”

Now Stevie J is clapping back once again and calling 50 Cent an “Uncle Tom” in a new interview.

Hit the flip for that.

Stevie J calls out 50 people for mocking Diddy’s Homeland Security raid

during an interview with tmz On April 2, Grammy Award-winning producer repeated His disdain towards 50 Cent, accusing him of spreading “propaganda and lies” regarding the recent raids on Diddy’s residences in Los Angeles and Miami, as well as other growing allegations against the mogul. He also accused 50 of attempting to undermine the black community and labeled him an “Uncle Tom.”

“I never saw my man do anything wrong like they’re talking about,” Stevie said, “I’ve known him for 29 years, with like 50 people – like Uncle Tom Cats – in that black community.” Wants to put him in a worse position than anyone else.

He also urged 50 to become a comedian elsewhere and told TMZ he ultimately has no problem.

“I’m not worried about this n***a Curtis, he’s an Uncle Tom and that’s it.”

Stevie also claimed that he was present during the Homeland Security raid on Diddy’s Miami residence, alleging that officers used “excessive” force to search the former Ciroc ambassador’s home – something he had never done before. Had not seen.

Watch the interview below.


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