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A man booked an Indigo flight from Chennai to Mumbai for his family of four. However, on boarding the flight, he was shocked to find that the airlines had allocated his children seats away from him. Although passengers on board were kind enough to exchange seats with the man’s family, he took to social media to highlight the issue, saying it was “basic human decency” for airlines to assign adjacent seats to families with children.

The image shows the Indigo flight tickets shared by the passenger. (X/@Dr_Akshay Baheti)

“Me, my wife and our children aged eight and three, were traveling in Indigo on the same PNR, allotted four separate seats! We’ll manage 2, but not sure about the ones sitting next to the kids,” X user Akshay Baheti wrote.

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He added, “Indigo is truly unique. Don’t think any other airlines allocate separate seats to 3-year-olds.”

“I hope the MoCA, JM Scindia, will make it mandatory to ensure that children on the same PNR are seated next to their parents, no ifs and buts attached. It’s not really a big ask,” he continued.

Check out the tickets for the flight here:

After the post gained traction, IndiGo commented, “Mr Baheti, we never want to separate a family flying together by offering separate rows of seats. However, as checked, you completed your check-in at the airport, where seats were assigned based on availability.”

“Hence, we always recommend our customers to pre-book their preferred seat online for a hassle-free journey,” the company added.

This post was shared on March 31. Since then it has received more than 2.6 lakh views and the number is still growing. Many people also liked the post shared on X and shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Check out how people reacted to this post on X here:

One person wrote, “This is so wrong. Indigo knew there were children because the ticket was issued and the same on the PNR. This was already known. In my time it was a basic interview question to make a reservation for seat allotment. Airlines are getting worse these days. He also tagged the official ax handle of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in his remarks and said the regulatory body “should look into it”.

“This happened to me too. Me, my wife and my 3 year old son were given separate seats. The lady at the counter told me I should have bought the preferred seats online if I wanted to sit together,” commented another.

A third claimed, “Even if you check-in in advance and choose a free seat, Indigo will only assign separate middle seats in the itinerary instead of seating everyone together.”

“This is part of the Indigo strategy. You had a big inconvenience and now you will make sure to book a seat by paying in future. Everyone who reads this tweet will. Shows how unconcerned they are. You pay for the flight and then pay to sit with your family,” shared a fourth.

A fifth added, “…Dr. Baheti must have selected the seats at the time of booking. He knows it’s a 6E, and the seats are chargeable. Must be booked with payment. When I book tickets for me and my wife, we pay and book seats together.”

He continued, “IndiGo, you need to look at a policy during your booking flow where you ensure that you inform passengers traveling on the same PNR, especially passengers with minor children, that they have voluntarily chosen to bypass purchasing seats. This is important because there may be a case where something unfortunate happens to the child while onboard your flight and he is seated away from the parents. Imagine the scenario.”

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