3Point0 Labs signs Latino-focused producer Luz Films

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3Point0 Labs signs Latino-focused producer Luz Films

Unique: 3point0 Labs follows recent strategic moves by signing In summer Co-Producer Loose Films.

Led by Sergio Lira, Lynette Cole and Cristóbal Guel, Luz was created with the mission of creating Latino-focused prestige and innovative genre content from diverse creatives and producers in the film and TV sector. Its first film, In summerWas an award winner at Sundance earlier this year.

“Sergio, Lynette and Cristobal have such an authentic desire to foster family and community in everything they do,” said Andrew Cutro, chief business officer and head of the entertainment division of 3Point0 Labs. “They bring a perspective that is core to 3Point0’s mission to build communities and infrastructure globally. Looz is a rocket ship and we feel humbled to be a part of their growth as they take off.

As we reported at the time, Loose Films launched in January with former A24 executive Lira and Gamechanger Films development head Cole as co-CEOs and ex-Madre partner and Fabula Film executive Guel as CFO.

Luz currently has several feature films and scripted television projects in development with various Latino creatives from the US and Latin America.

Specifically, it co-financed and co-produced In summerIt was written and directed by first-time filmmaker Alessandra Lacorazza and stars René Pérez Joglar (aka Residente), Sasha Calle, Leo Mehiel, and Leslie Grace.

The indie film won the Grand Jury Prize and Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival, and yesterday its writer-director Lacoraza signed with UTA, as we previously reported. It spans the formative years of two sisters’ lives, seeing them navigate their relationship with their loving but unstable father during annual summer trips to their home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Luz also has projects with Cristian Mercado (if you were last), Francisca Alegría (the cow that sang a song in the future), Ryan Zaragoza (mothers), Melina Leon (song without name), Nathalie Alvarez Mesen (clara sola), Lucia Garibaldi (Shark), Lindsey Villarreal (Machine), Chelsea Lora (life), Eva Gonzalez Sigrist (woman in the book), Marcela Ochoa (mothers) and Maria Corina Ramirez (bridges,

The focus going forward is to connect budding and experienced filmmakers with experienced creators on and off-screen.

For 3point0 Labs, which was founded by former CAA agent and current Francis Ngannou manager Marquel Martin, the deal comes after acquiring digital agency Thirty Three Media and launching a talent and literary advisory division with Signature. black book Producer Anakal Films.

“We are thrilled to become part of the 3point0 Labs family,” Lira, Cole and Güell said in a statement. “Andrew, Marquel and Carlo [Sebastian Alcala] Loose Films has had incredible supporters and partners since our initial inception. His knowledge and perspective have allowed us to position ourselves to grow rapidly and lead the way in a new kind of Hollywood.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Loose Films,” said Martin. “His dedication to illuminating opportunities for Latin-American storytellers aligns perfectly with our vision at 3Point0. We believe in their mission to bring La Familia together, and are excited to work together to bring compelling stories to audiences around the world.

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